1 word, big impact.



Let’s think about this work for a moment. Tell me what does it mean to you?

I live with anxiety. I struggle with this literally every single day. I have to work extremely hard to not let this rule my life and to have the minimal effect possible on my loved ones.

Now I have heard my whole life almost that it is not easy to love someone who suffers from anxiety. This is a very true statement. I am lucky that I do have some friends and family members who can relate and understand. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for them. However, I also have some people that are closest to me and well, they do not understand anxiety at all. This makes somethings with them rather difficult to say the least. They have tried to understand it. Now for that extra effort I am also grateful. I mean I totally get that it is emotional on both end to love someone with anxiety. But there are some things to remember.

  • Like they are more than their anxiety. I am not perfect but neither are you. You are more than your “faults/imperfections.” Well so am I.
  • Anxiety is also VERY Exhausting. Anxiety causes people to live in a hyper tense state. We are on alert, our minds are constantly racings. It is rare for us to be calm and settled.
  •  We also get overwhelmed easily. For me I get overwhelmed by the smallest of things and then my mind just wants to freeze or like disappear. It is very hard on me.
  •  We are very aware that our anxiety is often irrational. As you think oh we are dramatic or ridiculous and irrational. Please try to remember that we cannot, I repeat, we cannot  pick and choose what triggers our anxiety.
  •  As you are trying to relate or understand. How about you actually listen to us. We do explain our feelings. We will tell you when we are having a issue. All you have to do is ACTUALLY listen to us when we are talking to you.
  •  We do appreciate you sticking with us. Trying to understand us and be there for us. It means a lot.

I could keep going but I do not want to overwhelm anyone. But leave me some love. I want to know your thoughts and opinion. What does anxiety mean to you?

Also above all remember People with anxiety are AWESOME!

Peace, Love, & Happiness

From Mama Owl


18 thoughts on “1 word, big impact.

  1. I absolutely understand! I have PTSD and the anxiety that goes with it can be unbearable. I have had to work extremely hard the last 12 years and it’s definitely an exhausting journey!

    Just know you are definitely not alone!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with anxiety. Did you ever try any alternative ways to bring the anxiety down? Like yoga and meditation or acupuncture? Trying to understand is a hard one. Listening with understanding is one of the most difficult skills to master in life.

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  3. Blanca

    Anxiety is such a tough thing to deal, a very close friend of mine suffers from severe anxiety and seeing her go through that is very heart breaking. So sorry to hear you deal with this as well 😦

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