You are MER-FECT!


Hey Hey Happy Day to You Beautiful!

Anyone that knows me or sees most of my social media stuff knows I am a HUGE Disney fan but specifically a Ariel and mermaid fan period. I was very blessed to grow up with a family that owns boats and I grew up on the water. I remember always telling my mom I am a mermaid. Well I actually got the best compliment sent to me recently. It was a picture of a mermaid and it read “Baby, Your Mer-fect!” Best compliment ever!

The thing is I am really big on self-love. Specially lately, I guess it is from all the hate that is spreading like wild fire. I even posted a video on my facebook page and a mini one on my instagram. It was a self-love challenge. You had to say 3 things that you love about yourself and 1 MUST be physical. Now honestly this was kinda hard because I am VERY hard on myself. But I was beyond AMAZED by the responses and views I got from everyone. Last I checked it was at 2,300 views. I was OVER JOYED seeing everyone showing self-love and then challenging others as well. This is what needs to be happening every single day. I mean I really am heavy hearted by all the negative and bashing EVERYONE is doing to each other. I do not know about you but I am ridiculously hard on myself enough so I do not need anyone else putting any negative on me.

Then you got women downing other women. C’mon!! Does that really make you feel good? I mean as that saying by Charlaine Harris goes, “you catch more flies with honest than with vinegar.” What is to be gained by bashing or being negative to anyone? We should want to encourage EVERYONE to be HAPPY and know they are loved and wanted. That they cant reach their dreams and goals and that they are perfect being who they are and they need to OWN IT!

I want to raise both my son and daughter to love themselves completely. That they can be WHOEVER they want to be and it is okay. I want them to OWN who they are. Be PROUD of who they are and know that I am VERY Proud of them. I want my family members and all my friends know they are Perfectly Perfect being who they are.

I know it is popular to do the random acts of kindness and the pay it forward acts. Well why not make it “popular” to lift one another up? I challenge each and everyone one of you who reads this do practice self-love and to practice lifting each other up.

Be The Change YOU want to See in the World! – Mahatma Gandi

If I can leave this world knowing that my kids love who they are. They life others up when they come into contact with them then I can die happy. I fail at a lot of things I am not perfect. I get angry. I say and do things I should not and I wish I could take back. But the I am perfect. But I am ME! I am Smart, I am strong! I am beautiful inside and out. I got a huge heart and I always wanna be there for others and help when and where I can. I do everything and anything I can for my kids. I am saddened when others do not like me or judge me because It is nor fair for them to judge me and they also make mistakes and do things wrong so if I or others can forgive them why can’t they return the kindness?

Point is Remember YOU BABY ARE MER-FECT!! Own It! and Flip your fins and soak up the sun!! 

Peace Love & Happiness!!

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