Hello I am BACK!


First of all to any of my followers who are still there and will actually see this I wanna say how much I have missed you!! As well as I have missed writing. I finally feel like I can add this back into my balance of life. So let’s start with a catch up shall we.

My last post was telling you all wonderful people that I was set to be induced to have our beautiful baby girl Areaunna Lynea Simmons. That was 6 months ago. Yes I know crazy right. Well it has taken me that long to find some kind of sanity and balance again in my life. Going from having a 4 year old to having a 4 year old and a infant again is crazy. Plus me working on my cake/bakery business as well. I have just now finally gotten to where I add me and myself into play in my beautiful but hectic life.

Xavier has adjusted pretty well. He definitely adores and loves his sister so much. It is amazing to see them and their bond grow with each passing day. Shortly after she was born we had Xavier play t-ball this year.He loved it but he did not like getting out. Some games were good others it was a fight. But hey he is 4. He has asked to play it again next year. Which makes me very happy. I want my kids to be involved and have things they are interested in and make friends. Plus they learn team work, responsibility, commitment, integrity and so much more. He also started Prek/VPK this year. Currently he is on is 2nd week and he is having some difficulty adjusting.

Areaunna is growing so fast. As I stated she is 6 months old. She has 2 teeth, which she got at 4 months. She crawls all over the place and she pulls her self up to stand and will walk with assistance and she says Da-Da.

Also this summer we got to have my fiance’s daughter come visit. It was so much fun. We got to take our first family vacation. Allen and I had NEVER EVER gone on any trip together so this was also a first there. We took all 3 kids to LegoLand then to Ga and Tn. It was a short and fast few days but it was also jammed packed with fun and memories I will always treasure and love.

Let’s see I also have been doing great and having fun doing my cakes as well as now I work as a dispatcher for a local towing company. So between working and adjusting to having 2 kids. Plus adding my workouts and fitness into the mix and time for my amazing fiance. That is why it has taken me so long to come back. But I truly missed you all and writing so Here I am once again! 🙂 I will be doing more posts. If there is something I can post about that you would be interested in please let me know.

Well this is all for now. Enoy the pictures! And most of all leave me some love! I will check out any blog inks I get and follow anyone back well.

Peace Love & Happiness







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