Oh Happy day or should I say Holidays!


Happy Monday Everyone!

So I sure have missed you wonderful people. I got so swamped lately I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I can’t even put into words how good it feels to be sitting here, semi quiet house, with some moments to not only breathe but also to write some. Let’s play some catch up shall we.

I have started doing my cakes more. Which is great but also as some know doing cakes is not easy work. I also have been adjusting to being a stay at home wife and mommy again. I am now 31 weeks pregnant..aka 8 months. Which means I am beyond exhausted constantly. I also have not been sleeping. I also have been having contractions already. Some braxton hicks of course but man yesterday I was in tears and could not talk through them. I also have been cooking more since I have more time. I can try new recipes and stuff so as you know that is a plus. And been busy gearing up and celebrating or preparing for the Holidays.

Now as I stated I am no longer working due to being pregnant I was laid off. LAME and yes illegal. Which of course has caused a HUGE amount of stress to be added. I am so blessed to say that despite being tight on money we are still able to give our kids a great Christmas. Now by no means do I measure the holidays by gifts under the tree or money spent. To me the most important things are my family and friends and food on the table and making memories. However, we have 2 kids together plus our first on the way. So to be able to spoil them and give them is a great feeling to me. As well as to spoil my love. Which I can’t go into what he is getting since he does sometimes read this. 🙂 But I am excited to share what I am making him after the holidays.

I have been doing the elf on the shelf and other Christmas crafts or games with my son. He has enjoyed those. We have made cookies, made ornaments, decorated the house inside and out, we have painted crafts, done gingerbread house/train, watched Christmas movies, had hot coco, sang Christmas Carols, & so much more! I love it and he loves it. But most of all it is great memories.

My amazing man has been working his butt off to provide, specially with me not working but also to make sure we all have nice things for Christmas. His company has him works every single day til Christmas day. like 2 weeks straight. CRAZINESS! But as much as we do not like it. We are very grateful and blessed for the steady job he has. Things could always be worse.

Christmas is here in the next few days and we are busy preparing but I would not have it any other way. 🙂

What are some traditions or memories are you and your loved ones doing or do?

Here are some awesome pictures from recently 🙂
One of our Elf’s adventures lol
Growing a candy cane
Xavier seeing Santa
Batgirl cake I made
Cowboy cake I made
Alabama cake
Grinch cupcake I made for my love
Last week at 30 weeks. 🙂
Off to the Christmas Party for my loves work

As always I wish each of you all lots of peace, love & happiness
-Nerdy Mama Owl


7 thoughts on “Oh Happy day or should I say Holidays!

  1. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    Love the Grinch cupcake, and that Elephant is awesome! Congrats on 8 months….that last month really is the longest, so hope it flies by for you!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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