Did you get a trick or a treat?


Hello There! I feel like Dorthy. Oh you know from Wizard of Oz. I went to bed at my home in Florida. However I seem to woke up in a FREEZING state. Hmm..what happened to my warm Florida weather. Oh that is right Fall is here. TIme for warm fires, hot coco, hoodies, & boots. But seriously, we have freezing warning tonight.

Well how was everyone’s halloween? My day was horrible. But I won’t hash that out on here. As you know I live my like with Positivity. The good part is that after work and that horrible day I got to come home to a amazing man and we got to take Xavier trick or treating. My outfit didnt work since my pregnant belly is Popping out finally. But I did do my Sugar Skull Make up. My son was his favorite character, BATMAN! He was also batman last year. Which he wore the costume twice. Hey SAVED me some money. Plus last year my dad had to go to like 5 stores from My town to almost 2 hours over to find the Batman costume my son wanted. Because he said it had to be the one with muscles. So getting 2 years of wear and play out of it is perfectly fine with me.

This year since my son is 3 he was all excited to go trick or treating. At each house those he would use his manners, which makes for a proud mama. But he also would turn and ask us if we were going to get more. Each time we would respond with yes lets go to the next house. Took 3 blocks before he stopped asking. Priceless!

As you know I am a crafter as well as a hands on mom. The night before halloween. We did some painting and crafts. We made a pumpkin stamp from a potato. We make a Frankenstein, black cat, pumpkins, & a spider & web.
The weeks was full of fun. It was my sisters birthday so I made her a girl camo cake. The boys had their soccer & football games. Those went great! Anthony was picked for all star team. Which only the best players get picked for that team. I am SUPER proud of him. Both boys for their great jobs at their sports. I kept them Saturday night and we had pizza night.. seems to be tradition in our family. We also had a BON FIRE! Sorry I love bon fires. My country girl comes out. Even made smores. I live in the country so it was a stary night with a warm fire & I relaxing next to the fire in my hammock. I was in HEAVEN!





We also got our branches and rocks picked for our Thankfu llTree! Which I will explain tomorrow on that. 🙂 But for now I am gonna go to bed. Its almost midnight. Sweet Dreams!

As always,

Peave.Love.& Happiness to you all!


Lauren Akin


24 thoughts on “Did you get a trick or a treat?

  1. abooklongenough2014

    I live in Florida, too. I’m thrilled with the weather, though I know it won’t last! I live way down in Southwest Florida, though, so it’s always warm here.

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