Craft & Play Time Our Crazy Life


Good Day To All You Wonderful People!

First let me say a HUGE thank you for all the new followers and the love ya’ll have given me. It is so amazing! I also have found so many new blogs thanks to you guys!

Okay so I have told you I am live a SUPER CRAZY Busy life. Which is totally incredible in itself. This past weekend went by so fast, it is insane. But it was so packed! We loved every minute. We had a fun time decorating our front door for Halloween. Which I will be showing. So simple too, which as us busy moms know scores points in our books. My boss’ birthday was Wednesday. So Friday I made her chocolate cupcakes with a peppermint buttercream frosting, topped with a York peppermint patty (picture posted below). ย Her and I eat the heck out of the York Patties since being I have been pregnant. Also I made football cupcakes for my youngest nephews football game. It was supposed to be the last game of the season but the Eagles kicked butt and WON! So now we are in for the Championships! I made green cupcakes with footballs on top (Pictures posted below). Then we had some errands to run. Got to have a nice lunch with my love just the two of us. That was refreshing. Then we headed over to Turkey Creek for the Pizza Party that was going on for my oldest nephew. They won their soccer game as well that day. My son spotted turtles and was in HEAVEN. He has been asking for a fish and a turtle for Christmas. Seeing the turtles there did nothing but encourage that desire. Xavier alsohad a birthday party and trunk or treating to go to as well. Then there was cleaning and projects around the house we worked on as well. We also made homemade playdough which my son turned into growing goo. Silly boy. It was a ton of fun tho! We got so much going on. I must say I LOVE IT! These are moments of making memories. And moments that you get being a mom. Best Job in the world right ๐Ÿ™‚

This coming weekend is trick or treating, another birthday, the boys sports games. My sisters birthday as well. Plus lots of other activities. Which I will share as they happen.

I have started planning my sons 4th Birthday Party. Which is gonna be a BLAST! So we got holidays, road trips, Birthdays, & the birth of our beautiful baby girl coming in just a few weeks to few short months. Best part is I get to experience it all with my amazing son & my amazing man. What more can I ever ask for?

Alright I has a LONG Monday and it is now after midnight so I am gonna leave it here and chat more soon!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as well. Thanks in advance for any love you beautiful people leave me.

Peace, Love, & Happiness,

Nerdy Mama Owl, L. Akin.

York Peppermint Patty Cupcakes

Football cupcakes I made for the team

Doctor Who cake I had a order for. The customer wanted simple. It is all edible.

Tardis pumpkin done.
What can you do with a white sheet, Scissors, tape, and black construction paper. Make a door look like a Skull. ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the Chicken Curry recipe. A favorite. I learned this from my mother in law since It is Thomas’ favorite. One of my favorite memories is in her kitchen learning it.

Silly Pictures Time with my Xman! Love my son so much. He is so full of life!


Us cheering for Anthony at football!!’

Xavier found a moth at the game.

Football Game!:Go Eagles!


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