Greeting from Us!


I am SUPER excited to be back into writing. As most my writings I keep private. I have been told COUNTLESS times to write a book or share them. As those poems and writings about my personal experiences in life I am not ready to share yet so I am gonna start where I am comfortable and come back to my blogging world. I have missed it dearly. My blog will be ramblings on my life journey of being a wife, mom, crafter, baker, cooking adventures, fitness & health coach.

I started blogging back in 2009. My first blog was about my adventures as a military wife & mom. Most of you who still follow me to this day were shocked when I finally shared I had left my husband and I became open to the abuse and deep pain and hardships we went through. I left finally thanks to the strength I got to protect my son. I did blog since then and as you know I ended up moving on but my blogging was off and on. Many of you asked for updates. It was so hard for me so I just with drew. but I am GRATEFUL for the support from yall for ME and even Thomas as is injury and recovery and all our separation played out.

So for my faithful followers I will tell you a short bit of update on that. Thomas and I are still not divorced. I have paid 3 grand so far for all the legal stuff but we are hoping to finally reach it soon. Thomas is recovering quite well. They did FINALLY amputate part of his right leg. Funny Thomas and I told them from day 1 to do that. He is up and moving around. He has another son with a woman named Jessica. Thomas has not seen Xavier in over 2 years now. They have some contact but it isn’t constant. I can’t wait for my divorce to be done and have the legal system finally get what is owed to my son in support from Thomas. I have worked 2 jobs at times to provide for Xavier. So it will be a great relief.

Now for What is going on now…. I got a amazing man by my side who is here for me and Xavier. He also has a daughter of his own. So together we have 3 kids. Yes I said 3! Surprise!! I am PREGNANT. We are having a girl due Feb 2015. Both my babies are February babies. πŸ™‚ Best kind right. I have also since updated moved to a new house. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home, with a HUGE yard. We live out in the sticks so to speak so we get to have a country like setting. It is so nice & my son who is all boy loves the space. I also got a new job. I am full time Nurse πŸ™‚ I work for a family caring for a man from his home. It is a great job. As Thomas mom tells me.. she always knew I would be great at that kind of job. She and I are still close and as she says always will be family.

In other great news once my divorce is final I will be getting married again. No date or time set but it is what we want. And he has spoiled me with a beautiful ring. He is so sweet & loving. He has stepped up for me and my son. My son after about 6 months started calling him Dad. We both told Xavier no but Xavier was persistent on it. He will tell you he has 2 dads tho. His daddy and then his daddy Thomas. It is one thing to have a kid of your own but to step up like he has and help me with my son. It is so amazing and a reason i love him so much. I am so blessed for him to be in my life and my sons life and now to have our own child. God truly is amazing! Now his little girl is a beautiful girl. So bright and a ray of sunshine. I however will not cross boundries and am careful due to not wanting to disrespect her mom. She has a mom already and a great one at that. Just as I hope and pray that Thomas girlfriend, gives me the same respect and if she is down the road around my son and involved in his life doesn’t disrespect me and my sons relationship and my role as his only mother.

I am excited to share my adventures of my crafts, life as a mom and wife. I live my life in a positive outlook. God has blessed me so much. I have been through so much in my life. But I am thankful for it all It has taught me a lot. Has mad me the very strong independent woman I am today. I am able to be a better mom and person for it.

I have a strong support system from my family and my friends. I would be lost without the amazing my amazing man, my kids, my family, & friends.

Well til next time. Lots of Peace Love & Happiness.



19 thoughts on “Greeting from Us!

    • Alicia couldn’t agree more. πŸ™‚ what my son and I have now is amazing and priceless. And I would think change anything with my past even when I his biological dad is/my first husband because that love was passion and It was real and it was fun and hard too but now I I learned so much from it I can appreciate what I have now with my soul mate.


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